Slot Machines – aren’t they for the pub?

I think this is where everyone knows slot machines from. Everyone knows the scene – some hapless guy empties £15 into a slot machine and walks away dejected only for a scaly to walk up, pump in 20p and watch the coins flood out! Slot machines can be very profitable when done right, and the when done right part is the key! First, lets discuss Variance and RTP as these are key to understanding slot offers.



Modern slot machines are made up of several lines, rather than having just one win line like the old fashioned fruities. Each line has a bet amount, so a 25 line slot with a bet per pine of 1p, means a 25p spin. More lines cost more per spin but give you more opportunities to win from winning combinations.


In the scenario above, the ‘hapless guy’ encountered variance – the risk of a slot machine. A machine with low variance is low risk and pays out often, whereas a slot machine with high variance pays out far less often. This is a variable that is controlled by the game designers to keep the edge in the favour of the bookies.

RTP (Return to Player)

Return to player (Nearly always abbreviated to RTP) is a slot stat calculated over millions of spins that gives a theoretical amount of the stake that would be returned to the player. If you span through £100 on an 95% RTP slot, in theory at the end you would have £95 left. A number of things can affect this actual outcome, for example if you did one £100 spin, its unlikely you would have £95 – you might have £6,000, you might have £0 – the variance increases massively due to the reduced number of spins and higher stakes. If you did minimum stakes, at around 25p a spin, this reduces variance massively. making you much more likely to be around the £95 figure suggested by the RTP – you could be up due to bonus rounds and luck, or you could be a few down, but thats where you would expect to be.

Max Lines Min Stakes?

The absolute best strategy with the lowest risk is to set the lines to the largest number and the stakes to the smallest number, this helps you reduce variance and hit as close to the RTP as possible. The higher you increase the stakes the more variance you introduce, but the wins will be bigger.doa-slot-variance

So how do you actually MAKE money on slots if we are expecting to lose some?

Offers! Only do offers! Offers are how matched betting takes away the edge from the casino. The offer might be bet £20 on slots, get a £10 bonus – so by playing through on max lines min stakes you can reduce the risk down to minimum and use a high RTP slot and you should walk away with a profit. Not always, but the edge is back in your favour.


High Risk Slot Strategy

Once you’ve gotten a large bankroll, you can consider doing slot offers in a more risky method if you are happy to do so. I do all slot offers now with £1 spins – this can lead to bonus rounds of £200-500 if you are lucky. It can also mean losses of £20-30 per offer, but I find the wins far outweigh the losses, so this method definitely works for me!

Finding Offers

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