By far the most popular matched betting service is Profit Accumulator.

If you are reading this page, I am going to take the liberty and assume you know what matched betting is. If you don’t, head on over to the Beginners section and soak up all the info there, or there is a quick summary below.

What is matched betting?

The opposite of Gambling. If you take gambling, remove the risk and keep the profit part at the end of it – you’ve just described matched betting!

In a nutshell, matched betting is a simple process designed to make a profit, risk free, from free bets and offers that bookies offer to new and existing customers. Any money earned via matched betting is completely TAX FREE, meaning you keep every easily earned penny. I have found it easy to make £2k a month consistently with Profit Accumulator – so get on board!

Why you need Profit Accumulator

It is entirely possible to get into matched betting without Profit Accumulator, however it requires a lot of specialist understanding, spreadsheets, calculators and a source of all the offers. The beauty of Profit Accumulator is they bring all of these things together in one place, teach you how to use it and provide a great support wrap around from both staff and the community. Think of Profit Accumulator as going to school – some day you might want to leave, but its best to learn how to do things first – unless you want to end up penniless!

Membership options

To sign up to Profit Accumulator it is COMPLETELY FREE. You gain immediate access to two offers through which you can make £35-40 RISK FREE. The site will literally baby step you through these offers bit by bit, and includes a training video for each offer, as well as the basics of matched betting. These are an immensely valuable starting point for anyone on their matched betting journey.

Included tools & resources

The site has many features, and is broken down into sections;

  • Beginner offers – the easiest offers with the most detailed instructions and videos to help you complete these offers and learn the ropes
  • Advanced offers – more complicated offers but still easy to do
  • Reloads – offers for existing customers
  • Casino Offers – Blackjack/Roulette and slot offers
  • Bingo Offers – Bingo site offers – these can be amazingly profitable due to deposit bonuses of up to 500%!
  • Training Archive – Archive of training materials for you to go back to for reference
  • Help & Support – contacts for the staff if you are in need of assistance
  • Forum – Absolute GOLD MINE – can’t stress enough the forum should be your bread and butter once you sign up – a community of over 10,000 members can help and support you as well as posting dozens of offers daily.

Upgrade options

After you’ve done a free trial and learned what Profit Accumulator is about, there are two types of membership available;

  • Platinum Membership – Monthly – £22.99 a month – a monthly membership package with no minimum term, if you want to just try it for 30 days you can – in fact Profit Accumulator has a money back guarantee if you do not profit!
  • Platinum Membership – Annual £150 for the year – this option saves £125 over 12 months compared to paying annually – a great saving on its own!

I usually recommend people to take up the Monthly membership initially and once they’ve made their first few hundred quid and can see that it’s completely legit, you can take out the annual membership and make some savings.

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