A full introduction

Hi there – my name is Mark and I work for a UK based bank. I am 35, I live in Stockton-on-Tees with my girlfriend Ashleigh and two bengal pedigree cats, Pepper and Tessa. I’m a normal bloke, not a wall street genius or a psychic – just want to get that out in the open!

My introduction to Matched Betting came late 2015 – I’ve always enjoyed a good flutter on the football, especially (against better judgement) on Middlesbrough FC or England, and always envied people posting big wins on Facebook after the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival – it was never me though!

I came across a site on google one day after looking for some betting tips, and that site was Profit Accumulator – it seemed too good to be true – guaranteed risk free profits, and you don’t have to pay tax on it? Pull the other one. Still the more I read into this idea the more it made sense, it isn’t a ‘system’ where you had to put faith in a tipsters advice, and its not something you get rich on in 2 days flat, but it is genuinely risk free and tax free profits, and after getting most of my friends into it, I decided to set up this site to share the information I have learned.

I signed up for an account on Profit Accumulator on the 22nd November 2015 – today is Monday 11th April 2016 and I have made over £13,000 of pure profit since then. For me, this is a life changing figure – I’ve paid off all my credit cards, bought a new iPad pro, taken my girlfriend on holiday and started saving for a deposit on our first house together. It has far exceeded my expectations which, if i am honest – was that I was going to just sign up and ‘see through’ it within a couple of minutes. What sealed the deal for me, funnily enough, was reading a post on Netmums – seeing that stay-at-home mums were buzzing about how much they had made through it whilst watching Jeremy Kyle! I decided I wanted a piece of that pie…and this is my current slice as of today:

£13,565 Profit, Target: £20,000

Anyway, I will be adding more and more content to this site as time goes on as I am often asked how I make so much money through matched betting, but to be clear there are no special tricks to it – you don’t even have to like sport – you can be a normal bloke or a normal girl, and within a few weeks time you will genuinely wonder why everyone doesn’t just do this.

 A full introduction

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