Smash Boom!

Smash Boom!

£15,159 Profit, Target: £20,000

I’ve taken a few weeks off to enjoy some of my profits in the past few weeks, but I’ve still managed to smash the 15k barrier! 5k to go to reach my goal and no sign of slowing down!

Few pics of my recent wins

Offer still open if anyone wants walking through matched betting!


Doing class!

£14,206 Profit, Target: £20,000

Had a great few weeks of slot wins, bingo wins and refunds on matched betting using Profit Accumulator. I get such a sense of achievement off seeing my bankroll build up! Smashed the 14k mark!

I’ve had a couple of emails off people wanting to get involved but they are concerned that it will be too complicated for them – if you’re in the same boat, drop me a message – I will walk you through matched betting step by step over Facebook, Whatsapp or SMS, and I won’t even charge you for it. Guarantee yourself a bit of cash! Or, if you’re like me, a lot!