Its been a while!

Its been a while!

Real life took over for a while there!

It didn’t help that I misplaced my password either, but managed to reset it with my host now.

So over a year on from my last blog post – how did I do?

Profit £54,032 of £40,000 Goal - see Blog

Absolutely SMASHED it. Since starting Profit Accumulator in 2015 I have earned over £50,000. I’m actually a bit gutted that the football season is almost over but there are tons of offers on tonights champions league, theres been loads of tennis offers going and there will be casino offers over the break.

I am going to set a Facebook group up to help walk people through the process during the quite season and then set targets for myself and others to smash for the rest of the year – looking forward to it!

Amazing week!

Profit £24,050 of £40,000 Goal

After an absolutely amazing week of matched betting offers on Profit Accumulator, I’ve decided I am going to have to adjust my target as I would be reaching it wayyyyyyy to fast! Talk about first world problems! I’ve now adjusted it to £40,000 – thats about what I get paid in a year, so my goal now is to get paid more than my pre-tax pay – but obviously that would be 40k tax free!

Anyway – some quality wins below – £63.90 on a bet fair slot offer, £40.20 on a William hill offer, £32.33 on a Skybingo offer, £32.40 on another Betfair offer, £40 on a Betvictor offer and £330 profit on a late lay I did on 3-0 on the Bournemouth game! All in 3 days – thats a total of £538.83 – smashing me up to a total profit of £15,697 since Nov 22nd!

Smash Boom!

£15,159 Profit, Target: £20,000

I’ve taken a few weeks off to enjoy some of my profits in the past few weeks, but I’ve still managed to smash the 15k barrier! 5k to go to reach my goal and no sign of slowing down!

Few pics of my recent wins

Offer still open if anyone wants walking through matched betting!


Doing class!

£14,206 Profit, Target: £20,000

Had a great few weeks of slot wins, bingo wins and refunds on matched betting using Profit Accumulator. I get such a sense of achievement off seeing my bankroll build up! Smashed the 14k mark!

I’ve had a couple of emails off people wanting to get involved but they are concerned that it will be too complicated for them – if you’re in the same boat, drop me a message – I will walk you through matched betting step by step over Facebook, Whatsapp or SMS, and I won’t even charge you for it. Guarantee yourself a bit of cash! Or, if you’re like me, a lot!

A full introduction

Hi there – my name is Mark and I work for a UK based bank. I am 35, I live in Stockton-on-Tees with my girlfriend Ashleigh and two bengal pedigree cats, Pepper and Tessa. I’m a normal bloke, not a wall street genius or a psychic – just want to get that out in the open!

My introduction to Matched Betting came late 2015 – I’ve always enjoyed a good flutter on the football, especially (against better judgement) on Middlesbrough FC or England, and always envied people posting big wins on Facebook after the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival – it was never me though!

I came across a site on google one day after looking for some betting tips, and that site was Profit Accumulator – it seemed too good to be true – guaranteed risk free profits, and you don’t have to pay tax on it? Pull the other one. Still the more I read into this idea the more it made sense, it isn’t a ‘system’ where you had to put faith in a tipsters advice, and its not something you get rich on in 2 days flat, but it is genuinely risk free and tax free profits, and after getting most of my friends into it, I decided to set up this site to share the information I have learned.

I signed up for an account on Profit Accumulator on the 22nd November 2015 – today is Monday 11th April 2016 and I have made over £13,000 of pure profit since then. For me, this is a life changing figure – I’ve paid off all my credit cards, bought a new iPad pro, taken my girlfriend on holiday and started saving for a deposit on our first house together. It has far exceeded my expectations which, if i am honest – was that I was going to just sign up and ‘see through’ it within a couple of minutes. What sealed the deal for me, funnily enough, was reading a post on Netmums – seeing that stay-at-home mums were buzzing about how much they had made through it whilst watching Jeremy Kyle! I decided I wanted a piece of that pie…and this is my current slice as of today:

£13,565 Profit, Target: £20,000

Anyway, I will be adding more and more content to this site as time goes on as I am often asked how I make so much money through matched betting, but to be clear there are no special tricks to it – you don’t even have to like sport – you can be a normal bloke or a normal girl, and within a few weeks time you will genuinely wonder why everyone doesn’t just do this.