What is an Acca/Accumulator?

An accumulator, shortened to an acca, is a type of bet with a single stake, for example £10, but multiple results selected. All of the events need to come true in order for you to win your money, which makes them exciting bets but also less likely to win. So an acca might be for Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester to all WIN, and instead of getting individual odds of 1.50 per game you might get 10.0 combined.

an example of an Acca
Acca example

How can I make money off them?

On Profit Accumulator there are a LOT of resources for profiting off accas, and it can be an absolute cash cow. I tracked accas for a period of 4 weeks and in that time I did 21 accas and cleared £421 of profit – serious cash for a bit of work, and I could have done a LOT more. But how does this  happen?

Basically many bookies offer a refund if just one leg of your acca lets you down, so to take advantage of this we will back and lay each leg sequentially until we hit a loser. This gives us a small qualifying loss, and we then just hope that no more legs in the acca lose. If not, we bag a refund which is usually between £25-50 -easy cash!

Is there any risk?

Risk is kept to a minimum when doing accas with low qualifying losses, but for those that want to try it, you can increase profits by underlaying legs in the acca. This means that if the leg wins as expected, your profit increases, but if the leg loses your profit can be reduced or it can even cost you money. You need to weigh up the merits of each and decide what fits your profit strategy best!

Are there different ways of doing them?

Yes, whilst I can’t detail them here – there are around 6 different methods for doing accas, some with legs that overlap, some with legs all laid a the start of the acca, and some where we HOPE for more than one loss. Again, whichever style works best for you – all of the resources are on PA.

What do I need?

TO do acca’s properly and efficiently you will need the following;

  • A PA subscription – there is an acca matches thread giving you pre-made accas and lay odds
  • An Excel based Acca tracker spreadsheet – PA has this in their resources section
  • Either an electronic calendar or a paper based diary – i preferred the paper but whatever works for you – this is to track when your next legs are and what days they finish on

And thats it really! PA has training modules on each style of Acca, but if you’re stuck just get in touch and I will walk you through it!