Amazing week!

Amazing week!

Profit £24,050 of £40,000 Goal

After an absolutely amazing week of matched betting offers on Profit Accumulator, I’ve decided I am going to have to adjust my target as I would be reaching it wayyyyyyy to fast! Talk about first world problems! I’ve now adjusted it to £40,000 – thats about what I get paid in a year, so my goal now is to get paid more than my pre-tax pay – but obviously that would be 40k tax free!

Anyway – some quality wins below – £63.90 on a bet fair slot offer, £40.20 on a William hill offer, £32.33 on a Skybingo offer, £32.40 on another Betfair offer, £40 on a Betvictor offer and £330 profit on a late lay I did on 3-0 on the Bournemouth game! All in 3 days – thats a total of £538.83 – smashing me up to a total profit of £15,697 since Nov 22nd!

Smash Boom!

£15,159 Profit, Target: £20,000

I’ve taken a few weeks off to enjoy some of my profits in the past few weeks, but I’ve still managed to smash the 15k barrier! 5k to go to reach my goal and no sign of slowing down!

Few pics of my recent wins

Offer still open if anyone wants walking through matched betting!